Hey guys!

My name is Tiago and I’m a Portuguese Crossfit Athlete.
I started Crossfit when I was 16 years old and right now (in 2023) I’m the Fittest in Portugal.
My goal is to qualify for the Crossfit Games and be an inspiration for other athletes working hard for their dreams.
At the beginning my goal seemed impossible but now it's very close to reality, so my message for you is to never stop fighting for your dream!


Who am I?

I was born in Lisbon on June 3rd, 1997 and I live in Caneças, Odivelas.
I've been playing sports since I was a little kid, playing federated football from when I was five until I was eighteen. When I was sixteen I started to do Crossfit in a box near my house. For a year I did both, football and Crossfit, until I joined the Portuguese Navy.
For a couple of months I continued to train at a local gym and made up my own schedule (something I don't advise...) until I went to the Manz 2016 Comp where I competed in Scaled and met Diogo Corrente. Diogo is the owner and Head Coach of Crossfit Odivelas.

I ended up finishing second and Diogo invited me to start training with him and do his programming. He was my coach until September 2018. Diogo recommended to me that I start to work with coach Renato Costa.
I've been with Renato for six years and I don't trust anyone else to do it. All my goals are known to Renato and he puts all his effort and knowledge into the training schedule so that we can fulfill them.
At this moment I'm 26 years old and I have already achieved something that I had merely dreamed of when I started, that of being the Portuguese National Champion and being an example for others, but this is just the beginning.
My big goal is to compete at the Crossfit Games. But I don't just want to qualify, I want to compete among the elite of the elites, because I know I'm capable. I know this more than anyone because I believe in myself and the first step to winning is to BELIEVE!



6th Madrid Crossfit Championship (Teams);

2nd  Strength in Depth 2023 (Birmingham);

28th  Wodapalooza TYR 2023 (Miami);


4th Madrid Challenge Series 2022;

14th Madrid Crossfit Championship;

2nd Austrian Throwdown;

11th Crossfit Games Semifinals Lowlands Throwdown (NoBull CrossFit Games 2022);

21st Europe Quarterfinals - Qualified for the Semifinals (NoBull Crossfit Games 2022);

1st Place Open 2022;


6th Place Madrid Crossfit Championship 2021 (Spain);

1st Place Open 2021;


3rd Place Open 2020;


5th Place Open 2019;

6th Place European Showdown 2019 (Spain/Barcelona);

1st Place Paredes Fittest Games 2019 (Portugal);  


2nd Place Battle of Coimbra 2016 (Portugal);